CARNIVAL Rings (New Edition)

CARNIVAL Rings (New Edition)

Joy-de-vivre! Bright carnival-like colors enliven this series of rings with super-sized color stones. They draw their allure from hard-to-come-by large Amethyst, Green Amethyst, Smokey Quartz and Citrine from Latin American, impressive 20×15 mm stones of 20 carats with rose-cut facets. Multi-colored Sapphires and white, champagne and black Diamonds surround the center-stones.

CADEAUX JEWELRY Carnival  - 2 (1)


Origins of the Stones

The Green Amethyst, the Smokey Quartz and the Citrine originate from Brazilian mines. The Amethysts are exclusive and rare; cut from “old” Bolivian rough they are hard if not impossible to duplicate and command a somewhat higher price.

CADEAUX JEWELRY Carnival  - 3 (1)

Seen from a low angle, the masterly crafted rings are pieces of art in their own right.

CADEAUX JEWELRY Carnival is an homage to cheerfulness, music, dancing, parading and the fun of masquerade. The rings are an expression of happiness in 18 Karat rose gold shaped with a tactile sensitivity that make them perfectly fit the finger.

For more detailed information on the rings and the stones, please click here.

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