Quality Guarantee

The quality of CADEAUX JEWELRY is guaranteed. Always.

Every CADEAUX JEWELRY article is sold with a Certificate of CADEAUX JEWELRY Identity (r.). Typically this document shows the articles ID number, type, model, detail, metal, gems, a photo of the article, as well as CADEAUX JEWELRY’s contacts and the contact of the agent or reseller. The indications in the Certificate of CADEAUX JEWELRY Identity are guaranteed.

As a rule CADEAUX JEWELRY articles are made of 18 Karat gold (rose gold, white gold or yellow gold). Only for some few articles are other metals used, and such information is clearly declared in all cases.

Hereafter are some terms that typically are shown either as mark on a CADEAUX JEWELRY article or in the accompanying Certificate of CADEAUX JEWELRY Identity:

  • 18 Karat gold means 750/1000 or 75 % of an alloy is fine gold. The chemical compound nomenclature is Au 750, or Aurum (gold) 750. The remaining 25 % of an alloy is a blend of silver, palladium or copper, depending on the desired gold color: rose, white or yellow gold. The photo (r.) shows the formal marking of a CADEAUX JEWELRY article with the CADEAUX JEWELRY Responsibility Mark and the Mark for the Standard of Fineness, 750, embossed.
  • Hallmark CadeauxThe CADEAUX JEWELRY Responsibility Mark (RM) (r.) is registered under No. 7949 with Switzerland’s Central Office for Precious Metals Control in Berne. Under Swiss law every article of precious metal must bear the Mark for the Standard of Fineness and the maker’s RM. The CADEAUX JEWELRY RM and the Mark for the Standard of Fineness are embossed in every CADEAUX JEWELRY article. [The CADEAUX JEWELRY RM symbolizes the 2-prong setting with a gem in the center held by 2 prongs].
  • Certificate shows article has 98 diamonds that weigh 1.34 carats and are of color "G" and clarity "VS".

    Carat is a term also used to indicate the weight of gems. 1 Carat is equal to 0.2 grams. The gems in a CADEAUX JEWELRY article are detailed in the Certificate of CADEAUX JEWELRY Identity (r.). Certificates from Gem Testing Laboratories may also be provided. Details about the gems typically are the quantity in pieces and their weight in carats. For diamonds, their cut, color, clarity and origin may also be indicated.

  • Certifies natural black Tahiti South Sea Pearls, 12-14.5 mm, 20.63 momme, and 2 Tourmalines carved in Germany as Panther heads, 146.40 carats.

    Where appropriate and know, further details may be given in the Certificate of CADEAUX JEWELRY Identity (r.), such as the size of gems, their specific cut, origin and color. Momme is a weight measurement specific to pearls. 1 Momme is equal to 3.75 grams. In the example (r.), the origin of the pearls is specifically indicated, as well as their color and the fact that the color is natural.

CADEAUX JEWELRY is authentic, genuine, precious and of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

  • Cadeaux Bangle Ginkgo in Rose GoldGold surfaces are checked for pores or fractures, then polished to highest standards. Stone settings are carried out with care and precision, for durability and beauty.
    Photo (right) shows Bangle Ginkgo, a fine example of precise settings, high-polish surfaces and clear edges. (For more detailed viewing, please click on the image to enlarge it.)

True values. True quality.