Company Profile

CADEAUX JEWELRY is the property of Cadeaux Ginkgo AG, Switzerland, which owns associated trademarks, hallmarks, designs, models and patents. Cadeaux Ginkgo AG acquired CADEAUX JEWELRY in 2000, and since has licensed Baechtold Limited in Bangkok, to manufacture and oversee the distribution of the brand in Thailand and parts of Asia. Cadeaux Jewelry Limited in Hong Kong was registered in 2007, and is active in distributing the brand in Hong Kong and China.

Foundation and Cultural Heritage

2Prong | Bangle Jazz IIEvert Hofacker, sculptor and goldsmith of Koblenz, Germany, established CADEAUX JEWELRY in 1975 and launched the first collection for distribution in Germany. With a sensitivity for modernism and a purpose to create a jewelry identity individual to the wearer, Evert invented the Two-Prong-Setting for diamonds, and received a patent for his innovation in 1977. He won international design awards and his creations captured the Zeitgeist of an era characterised by the notion of ideal form, a style collectors and designers admire to this day, notably in the designs Jazz II and Flamenco.

Modernism has its origins in the German Bauhaus movement (1919-1933). Art, architecture and product design are governed by function, subduing craftsmanship and decorative purpose to function, techniques and distribution, and catering to broad markets. Designs are clean-lined, standardised, reproducible and ruled by use and function, and feature an identity; a brand identity. 

Globalized Distribution and Manufacturing

From 1975 until 1999 CADEAUX JEWELRY markets its products in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland through independent retailers, and worldwide through events and individual channels in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and the United States.

Design, development and model-making are based in Germany, while CADEAUX JEWELRY is early in moving its production base to Asia, first to Hong Kong, later to Thailand. By 1980, only the production of avant-garde items remains in Germany.

Softer Designs

Ginkgo | Pin Ginkgo PetioleIn the 1980s CADEAUX JEWELRY softens its design introducing the “life-line’ concept and organic forms, including the Ginkgo leaf as a brooch in 18 Karat gold, representing a symbol of harmony, love and everlasting values. This 18 Karat gold creation is sold over a 1000 times in Germany alone.

The Ginkgo leaf picks up on the symbolism of Ginkgo biloba, known as the leaf of the Maidenhair tree, an ancient species over 300 million years old, at living fossil native to Asia and with a history of survival. It is a symbol of longevity. Some trees find their way to Europe in the 18th century, some particularly adorn Weimar, home to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller and Johann Sebastian Bach. The Ginkgo’s bilobed or split leaf moves Goethe to see it as an icon of duality, of two-in-one and one-in-two, a symbol of harmony and love. In 1815 he devotes a poem to the Ginkgo leaf, one of his most adored love poems.


City | Ring HamburgIn 1990 CADEAUX JEWELRY introduces a design which is purist and modern, with distinct surfaces, angles and lines. The forms put forward by CADEAUX JEWELRY form a style that by 2000 dominates the brand’s look. The most significant creations of these designs belong to the Moderne series and include Hamburg and Berlin rings and bangles, which are popular among an Asian clientele.


As the year 2000 approaches, Evert Hofacker reflects on the continuity of CADEAUX JEWELRY. He offers the brand to Cadeaux Ginkgo AG, Switzerland, ensuring that the brand remains anchored in Europe, but convinced that distribution in Asia is the key for future development. Cadeaux Ginkgo AG acquires the brand and in 2001 the production and distribution in some Asian countries is licensed to Baechtold Ltd., Thailand.


Ring GREAT SPHYNX, PaladinIn the new millennium CADEAUX JEWELRY explores the growing desire for self-expression beyond formal beauty. Hedonism, emotion and tactility need to materialise to communicate to the wearer’s ego and to the outside. CADEAUX JEWELRY builds an iconography onto its modern base, fusing gemstones and symbolisms into a powerful jewelry identity marked by hedonism and expression.

Retail Focus

CADEAUX JEWELRY opens shops and shop-in-shops under CADEAUX JEWELRY in Bangkok Thailand, and establishes a company in Hong Kong to develop partners for the distribution of CADEAUX JEWELRY in China and internationally.

CADEAUX JEWELRY adheres to quality that guarantee an authentic product made of 18 Karat gold. CADEAUX JEWELRY is a statement of personality. CADEAUX JEWELRY’s customer is a person moving away from mass distribution brands and towards individualised jewelry with intrinsic value, authenticity and craftsmanship.

Bridge to the Future

In an extraordinary gesture, Evert Hofacker in 2011 offers Tevin R. Baechtold to pursue a professional apprenticeship as goldsmith in his atelier in Koblenz, Germany, the workshops where CADEAUX JEWELRY was established 36 years earlier. Tevin pursues 3 1/2 years of training and graduates with top credentials as goldsmith fellow in Idar-Oberstein in January 2015. He is privileged to learn the craft from masters and to be inspired by Evert, a man ahead of his time in sculpture, art and design. An affinity is established between Evert and Tevin and a lineage is formed, a bridge from the past to the future ensuring a future for CADEAUX JEWELRY.