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Cadeaux Ginkgo AG is a registered company in Switzerland.


CADEAUX JEWELRY was founded in 1975 in Koblenz, Germany and in 1977 patented the Two-Prong-Setting for diamonds as a identity for the brand. These original designs are still available today as bangle Jazz II and as ring Flamenco.


Baechtold Ltd., Thailand is licensed by Cadeaux Ginkgo AG to manufacture and distribute CADEAUX JEWELRY in Asia and internationally through online sales since 2001.


CADEAUX JEWELRY is available retail in Thailand and online globally. Until 2003 CADEAUX JEWELRY was distributed through jewellers in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


CADEAUX JEWELRY retails at BAECHTOLD JEWELRY & WATCHES at Gaysorn Shopping Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, 1st Floor, Unit F1-02. The shop also retails the international brands PARIGIANI, CORUM and CENTURY watches, and FABERGE jewelry.



Tevin R. Baechtold

Tevin R. Baechtold is the development and distribution manager of CADEAUX JEWELRY in Thailand. Tevin is a graduate goldsmith.






Copyright ©

The © Copyright of all CADEAUX JEWELRY designs and specifically of designs based on the Two-Prong-Setting technique is owned by Cadeaux Ginkgo AG, Switzerland. All rights reserved.


Trademarks ™

CADEAUX JEWELRY is a Registered Trademark ™ owned by Cadeaux Ginkgo AG, Switzerland.


CADEAUX JEWELRY GINKGO LEAF SYMBOL ™Registered TrademarkThe CADEAUX JEWELRY Ginkgo Leaf Symbol is a Registered Trademark ™ owned by Cadeaux Ginkgo AG, Switzerland. The significance of the Gingko biloba tree is based on its 300 million years existence and its adaptation as a symbol of harmony by German author Wolfgang von Goethe in the poem Gingko biloba (1815).


Hallmark CadeauxThe CADEAUX JEWELRY Hallmark is registered with the Central Office for Precious Metals Control of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration in Switzerland under Responsibility Mark No. 7949.




Quality Guarantee

CADEAUX JEWELRY guarantees an authentic product made of 18 Karat gold.