Intellectual Property Rights

CADEAUX GINKGO AG in Zug, Switzerland, is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights associated with CADEAUX JEWELRY.

Copyrights apply to, but are not limited to, the CADEAUX JEWELRY logo, the Ginkgo leaf symbol and other designs and symbols used by CADEAUX JEWELRY, and the 2Prong setting technique, furthermore all historic, current and future designs, models, trademarks and logos, as well as brand concepts, marketing concepts, service marks and hallmarks associated with CADEAUX JEWELRY, CADEAUX GINKGO AG, and/or in the past with CADEAUX GINKGO JUWELEN AG, CADEAUX SCHMUCKMANUFAKTUR GMBH and/or CADEAUX DEUTSCHLAND GMBH.

All designs, images, texts, audio or video clips, or other information contained on the CADEAUX JEWELRY website and/or on related blogs and social newtwork services maintained by CADEAUX JEWELRY, are as far as possible copyrighted or otherwise proprietary to CADEAUX GINKGO AG. Users of the website and related services may, solely for the purpose of information, view, download or print individual pages, provided that no copyright or other proprietary information is removed. The reproducing in whole or in part of sections of the CADEAUX JEWELRY website and related sites, the transmission by any means, the changing, linking into or use for public or commercial purposes, and in particular for the purpose of copying designs and trademarks, is forbidden, unless done with prior written authorization by CADEAUX GINKGO AG.

Unless otherwise stated, all marks, including but not limited to CADEAUX JEWELRY and the Ginkgo leaf, are subject to the trademark rights of CADEAUX GINKGO AG and may not be used in connection with any products or services that are not sold or licensed out by CADEAUX GINKGO AG, in any manner that may cause confusion or harm the reputation of CADEAUX JEWELRY. The absence of any specific mention does not mean that there’s no protection of such marks, designs, models, names, words, concepts or symbols used.

The conditional assignment of rights for the use of trademarks, symbols, designs and models, under distribution agreements with licensees, trade partners and retailers worldwide, and in particular in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Luxembourg, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands or any other countries, whether done prior to 2000 under agreements with Evert Hofacker and/or CADEAUX SCHMUCKMANUFAKTUR GMBH, Koblenz, Germany, or subsequently under agreements with CADEAUX GINKGO JUWELEN AG, Zug, Switzerland, CADEAUX GINKGO AG, Zug, Switzerland, or CADEAUX DEUTSCHLAND GmbH, Koblenz, Germnay, are valid only if they have been acknowledged, confirmed or renewed in writing by CADEAUX GINKGO AG.

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