Tevin Baechtold trained as a professional goldsmith in the atéliers of CADEAUX JEWELRY’S founder Evert Hofacker in Germany, where CADEAUX JEWELRY was born in 1975. Tevin runs CADEAUX JEWELRY in Bangkok and still spends much of his time at the bench creating new jewelry and concepts, grading and selecting gems and providing goldsmith services to his customers.


Ring NORDIC Sky. 2017. Two rare matching Emerald cabochons evocative of the nordic green sky’s Aurora Borealis. The colour of the Emeralds is amplified by brilliant-cut green Tanzanites set in a net-like pattern of 18 Karat white gold, interspersed by diamonds. The opposing gems do not quite touch. The ring is fitted with a hinge and a spring, and moves with restrained elasticity that gives the ring traction and makes it fit the finger perfectly.

Warrior Rhino Pendant

Warrior Pendant “Rhino”. 2017. A life-like carved African Black Rhino head in grey obsidian is at the center of this creation. The carving is set into an 18 Karat white gold base styled in the shape of the African continent. The entire theme is embedded in a warrior-like shield in 18 Karat yellow gold set with Sapphires and Rubies. The loop on top of 18 Karat white and rose gold Masai tribe shield, with hoop is made of 18 Karat rose gold set with Diamonds and its shape is inspired by Cadeaux Jewelry’s Hamburg collection. The Obsidian carving is by master gemstone cutter Stefan Klein of Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

A Hedgehog’s Home Necklaces

This creation is dedicated to my sister and her cute hedgehogs. They truly know how to make themselves comfortable, making a nest of leaves and grass, curling up into a ball and taking it easy. They are shy and can also be fierce when threatened, but in this pendant the hedgehogs are peaceful and comfortably sheltered in their cocoons. Cute hedgehogs carved in gemstones as Moonstone, Tourmaline, Amethyst and Citrine are nested in 18 Karat gold baskets studded with diamonds. Hoops in 18 Karat gold set with Diamonds, and on a 18 Karat gold chain.

Pongo Necklace

This pendant with a great ape’s head masterly carved in Mahogany Obsidian featueres strong emotions that are reflected in the eyes of this Man of the Forest, or Orangutan. In Sumatran native tongue this quirky and almost comedic creature is named Pongo. It brings a smile to peoples faces, yet sadly its shrinking habitat means it is a gravely endangered species. The bananas represent the abundance of the jungle and add a relaxed and lavish note to this creation which also shows great power and respect.

Primacy Necklace

A Gorilla emerging from the jungle with foliage growing over an Ionian Column representing a bygone civilization. A powerful motif of survival that is fabulously attractive and an engaging conversation-piece. The primate-face is hand-carved from Obsidian, which each piece showing variations in the combinations of gemstones and the characteristics of the great ape’s head. Mounted on a white gold chain partly set with diamonds.

Great Sphynx Ring

This astonishingly magnificent CADEAUX JEWELRY ring Great Sphynx is the penultimate collector’s-piece, a gemstone assemblage that includes a beautifully translucent green Tourmaline carved in the shape of a cat’s head and a large conically shaped Rutilized Quartz that combine together as head and body of a Sphinx-type statuette. The headdress is set with yellow Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds and the ring is made of 18K yellow and white gold with an Ankh symbol that represents the concept of eternal life engraved on the outer ring band.

Deep IQ Octopus Ring

The octopus. An intelligent animal from the deep oceans. Mysterious, ink-squirting, color-changing, shape-shifting and boneless with tentacles and sensors that taste, feel, grab and propel. When CADEAUX JEWELRY acquired 3 exquisite cabochon-cut tourmalines in crystal-green and reddish-purple from Brasil’s Paraiba region, the colors brought the features of the octopus to mind. Deep IQ Octopus pays tribute to the recently discovered intelligence of this species. In 18K gold, with diamonds, sapphires and 3 Paraiba tourmalines.

Moser Pyrocumulus Pendant

Unique pendant of Ametrine (natural combination of Amethyst and Citrine), carved by the late Swiss-Australian artist Bruno Moser, and set in 18 Karat gold with diamonds. Bruno began carving gems into unique and wonderful sculptures in the 1970s. He held many exhibitions in Asia and traveled widely in Europe and the USA, always ready to present his creations to collectors. All his sculptures are one-of-a-kind and cannot be copied. Bruno once said: “The design is in the stone and every stone is different. All I do is remove material, and my art is knowing when to stop.” CADEAUX JEWELRY acquired a number of stones from Bruno Moser and worked them into exclusive jewelry.

Sunset Sky Ring

Edition of the ring Sky made with two matching Fire Opal cabochons, evocative of the sunset. The Fire Opals display an intense luminous orange that dazzles the eye. The extraordinary colour is amplified by brilliant-cut orange sapphires set in a net-like pattern of 18 Karat rose gold, interspersed by diamonds. The opposing gems do not quite touch. The ring is fitted with a hinge and a spring, and the 2 halves move with restrained elasticity that gives the ring traction and makes it fit the finger perfectly.

Indigo Sky Ring

Ring Indigo Sky. Two rare matching Tanzanite cabochons evocative of a deep blue sky. The colour of the Tanzanites is amplified by brilliant-cut blue sapphires set in a net-like pattern of 18 Karat white gold, interspersed by diamonds. The opposing gems do not quite touch. The ring is fitted with a hinge and a spring, and moves with restrained elasticity that gives the ring traction and makes it fit the finger perfectly.

Eye of the Panther Necklace

A one-of-a-kind creation made of unusual natural gems and pearls. The key feature of CADEAUX JEWELRY Eye of the Panther are 2 panther-heads carved from Rubellite, a red variety of Tourmaline, carved in the traditional German gem-cutting center of Idar-Oberstein. The 2 panther-heads are set in 18 Karat white gold, joined by a safety clasp, studded with 111 brilliant-cut diamonds and attached to a string of natural black Tahitian South Sea pearls, 11-14 mm diameter, especially selected for CADEAUX JEWELRY by Andy Muller. The necklace is extendable.

Cleopatra Ring

Ring Cleopatra is the queen of CADEAUX JEWELRY’s series that takes its inspiration from Egyptian mythology and history. This irreplaceable ring features a 42 carat Rubellite (also known as pink Tourmaline) as centrepiece, which was engraved by German gemstone-artist Erwin Pauli with an image of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt (69 BCE to 30 BCE). The Rubellite is encircled by a row of pave-set diamonds and another row of pink rubies. The lower half of the ring head is fully pave-set with black diamonds. The ring is made of 18 Karat white gold, and the inner band, which touches the finger, is of 18 karat rose gold and has a spring-mechanism that ensures a perfect fit to the finger. An Egyptian Ankh-symbol, which represents the concept of eternal life, is engraved on the outer ring band.

Elephant Opium Weight Bolero Ring

Ring Bolero with its large open circle lends itself perfectly to the addition of a gemstone or a miniaturised sculpture inside the open ring head. In this Ring Bolero Opium-Weight Edition, a small opium-weight in the form of an Elephant with Howdah made of solid Au 999 Fine-Gold and weighing approximately 15g, cast from an original opium-weight from the Golden Triangle, provides a unique variety for collectors. CADEAUX JEWELRY’S innovative 2-Prong-Setting that uses laterally attached 18 karat white gold prongs to secure and enhance the lustre of brilliant-cut diamonds, provides CADEAUX JEWELRY’S original identity.

Et in Arcadia Ego Ring

The skull is a symbol of the transience of life and as memento mori a reminder that one has to die. ET IN ARCADIA EGO is Latin and means, “And in Arcadia I am”, however, if is thought to be spoken by a dead person (as in Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited) it may be understood as, “though I’m dead, I used to live in paradise like you,” or, “I too enjoyed the pleasures of life”. 17th century painter Nicolas Poussin idealised memento mori to suggest that through art one might become immortal. Worked in 18 Karat white gold, fully pave-set with 629 pieces or 4.84 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds, 2 emerald eyes, and mounted on an 18 Karat rose gold ring engraved on the outside.

The designs and models shown on this webpage and the associated copyrights are the property of Cadeaux Ginkgo AG, Switzerland.