Signature Collection

Signature – a tribute to the colors of life. Rainbows, forests, reefs, sunsets, skies, flowers. Nature’s colors brought to life with precious gems: everlasting, genuine, trendy and precious.

Disclaimer: Gem weights and quantities shown are indicative. Customers should refer to the Guarantee Certificate for exact details of any piece of jewelry.

Fine Gems Ring Rubellite

Ring in 18 Karat rose gold with an intensely pink Tourmaline, also called Rubellite, weight 6.31 cts, shape octagon-square cut 9.8 x 9.8 mm, set with 36 diamonds (0.18 cts, G/VS) in the ring-bezel and with square-cut Rubies in the ring bands. Design by Tevin Baechtold.

Fine Gems Ring Pink Tourmaline

Ring in 18 Karat gold with a pastel coloured pink Tourmaline, weight 8.27 cts, shape octagon-cut 15.9 x 9.6 mm, and set with 26 princess-cut diamonds (0.82 cts, G/VS) in the ring bezel. The ring band is separated into two parallel bands which give it the perception of lightness. Design by Tevin Baechtold.

Bloom Ring

Ring in 18 Karat gold with Lavender color tone (Sapphres and Diamonds) or Poppy colour tone (Blue, Orange, Yellow and Pink Sapphires, Rubies, Tsavorites and Diamonds. Also available as full Diamond-version and as Earpieces. Design by Tevin Baechtold.

Stardust Rings

Ring in 18 Karat rose gold (warm colours) or white gold (cool colours) with an ellipsoid profile, a curved outer band set with gems as Rubies, yellow, pink, blue, or orange Sapphires, Tsavorites and Diamonds, and a convex inner ring band in pink gold. The design evokes the domed universe dazzling in all the colours of the night sky’s constellations, galaxies and nebulae.

Octopus Amethyst Ring

The octopus. Mysterious, ink-squirting, color-changing, shape-shifting and boneless with tentacles and sensors that taste, feel, grab and propel. This ring features an octopus in yellow gold with 3 Amethyst cabochons and diamonds mounted on a rose gold ring. Deep IQ Octopus is a tribute to the recently discovered intelligence of this species.

Oh! Vienna Ring

Ring in 18 Karat rose gold is available with either an Amethyst or a Citrine, both of Brazilian origin, with a checker-board cut, 11.5 mm in diameter, weighing around 10 carats, circled with brilliant-cut white Diamonds. The ring is separated into two parallel bands which give it the perception of lightness – a jewel for everyday, easy to wear, always beautiful. (This ring is also available with other centre stones and in 18 Kt white gold.)
Amethyst (Brasil) or Citrine (Brasil) 11 cts • Diamonds 0.27 cts

Catwalk Ring

Ring in 18 Karat pink gold, set with a beautiful Amethyst, encircled with diamonds.

Vivido Rings

Ring in 18 Karat gold, colored with ceramic, set with a beautiful Color Stones. (From top to bottom: light Lemon Citrine, Peridot, Tourmaline, Garnet). Prices may be slightly lower than indicated, depending on the type of center stone.

Vivido Peridot Ring

Ring in 18 Karat white gold, colored with green ceramic, set with a rare round facetted Peridot, plus 2 Princess-cut Diamonds.

Matisse Ring

Ring in 18 Karat white and pink gold, set with Diamonds, Rubies, and blue and yellow Sapphires. Homage to French painter HENRI MATISSE (1869-1954), famous for his work in color in paintings and cutouts.

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