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Tevin Baechtold Création Cadeaux

Masterpieces. Hedonistic, emotional, tactile. For the senses, the Ego. Expressive of personality. Far from any mass-identity. Not for everyone!

Tevin Baechtold Création Cadeaux


A classical Bauhaus inspired jewelry identity. A confluence of different arts into one Gesamtkunstwerk combining beauty, clarity and precision.

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Fine Gems

Fine Gems – a tribute to the colors of nature, masterly set and beautifully brought to life with precious and everlasting gemstones.

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Ginkgo is an ancient East Asian tree and an icon of longevity. In the West German poet Wolfgang von Goethe elevated the Ginkgo to a symbol of harmony and love.

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A ring with extra comfort that adjusts to a perfect fit on the finger. © CADEAUX JEWELRY Modular Concept allows for exchange of gold color, style or gem.

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Designs which show the Zeitgeist of Cadeaux’ early days – a patented diamond setting with a clear identity. Legendary CADEAUX by Evert Hofacker.

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