Art, design and method build character regardless of form. Patented 1977, the 2-Prong-Setting gives the gems visibility and lustre, and strengthens their settings.

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GINKGO. An ancient tree, an icon of longevity. The bi-lobed Ginkgo leaf is an Oriental symbol for harmony and lasting values.

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COLORS. Nature abounds with spectacular colors. CADEAUX JEWELRY makes them precious, trendy.

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A ring with extra comfort that adjusts to a perfect fit on the finger. © CADEAUX JEWELRY Modular Concept allows for exchange of gold color, style or gem.

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A distinct and modern jewelry identity, unmistakably of German origin. Clear lines, clean gold-surfaces, precisely set diamonds. Classical 20th-century jewelry.

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Tevin Baechtold Création Cadeaux

Masterpieces. Hedonistic, emotional, tactile. For the senses, the Ego. Expressive of personality. Far from any mass-identity. Not for everyone!

Tevin Baechtold Création Cadeaux