Daring to be different, CADEAUX JEWELRY has launched their “Cult Series”, appealing to those with a passion for the dramatic.

(Press article about CADEAUX JEWELRY, published in the BANGKOK POST, written by Nikki Busuttil)


Daring to be different, CADEAUX JEWELRY has launched their “Cult Series”, appealing to those with a passion for the dramatic.

Making their mark on the Thailand jewellery scene, although relatively new to Bangkok, CADEAUX JEWELRY was established in Germany in 1975. Opened on 1st August 2011, the first independent store occupies a prime location at Peninsula Plaza, Bangkok’s prime luxury shopping destination for high-end jewellery, attracting top international brands and a discerning clientele, since the early 1980s. Visible from the main road, CADEAUX JEWELRY is an eye-catching addition to Peninsula Plaza, with its simple and elegant design and attractive branding of the luxury items displayed within.

CADEAUX JEWELRY is represented in Thailand by Baechtold Limited. The company imports, distributes and retails in high-end watches and desirable jewellery in Thailand, as well as providing service and maintenance. Baechtold Limited says that the CADEAUX JEWELRY brand emerged against a backdrop of modernism in art, architecture and engineering. Their store presents not only the CADEAUX JEWELRY brand, but also a collection of large south-sea pearls by Andy Muller, fine Objects d’Art by GG Treasure, and four unique watch brands, namely Corum, Century, Ventura and Faberge.

The secret to the success of this well-established brand: “Our design focus is constantly evolving. We combine the fine workmanship of talented craftsmen, from different countries, for unique design.” While their gold jewellery for the main part is made in Thailand, many of their stones are cut or hand-carved oversees, particularly in Germany, by highly reputable carvers in the industry, known for their exquisite precision. Just some of the cleverly crafted gemstones are carved out of tourmaline, aquamarine, jade, jasper, nephrite and lapislazuli. The latter is a beautiful indigo-blue stone, traditionally from the Middle East – particularly from Afghanistan. Today, used in some of CADEAUX JEWELRY’s special carvings, lapislazuli has been used for centuries in Middle Eastern mosaics.

CADEAUX JEWELRY design pieces include classic jewellery items, with something for everyone, from necklaces, bracelets and rings to other enviable accessories for ladies and gentlemen of cultivated taste. However, the latest bold statement from CADEAUX JEWELRY is with a brand new line of standout pieces that express a desire to be anything but conventional. These prize pieces make up their “Cult Series”. “We are making jewellery pieces that are daring, flamboyant and unique, for confident people, wishing for something truly different,” states Philip. “Although our designs are evolving in this direction, we still cater to those, who prefer a less vocal appeal in their refined, luxury jewellery slection.”

Within the Cult Series, bold is beautiful, as carved gems include symbolic shapes, from nature and ancient legends and tales. The artistic pieces comprise such forms as scarab beetles, skulls, polar bears and gorilla heads. For the love of nature, the Polar Bear Ring comes in 18-karat white gold, plus an inner-band of 18-karat rose gold, togehter with raw tanzanite, diamonds and blue sapphires. The perfect accompaniment to this ring would be the intricate 6 cm long polar bear carved from rock crystal by master carver Stephan Klein. To satisfy one’s primal instincts, there is the opportunity to own a set of Gorilla Survivor cufflinks in 18-karat rose and white gold, a carved obsidian gorilla head, a brown diamond, and embellished with various other diamonds and tsavorite. The gorilla head, also carved by Stephan Klein is furthermore avialable as an 18-karat gold extravagent necklace pendant. In both cufflinks and necklaces, the gorilla is paired with or set amid a bejewelled green foilage, respectively.

The Thespian in you can take a more dramatic approach, with the Broadway rings. With an eye for the theatrical, the Braodway rings present the “Comedy and Tragedy” masks, set on an engraved 18-karat rose gold ring, with diamonds and rubies, or sapphires. The masks are carved from nephrite, black jade, white mother-of-pearl, lapislazuli and turquoise, according to taste. For people with serious attitude, the Cult Series aptly comes with the motto “Jewellery without Fear”. The slighly more fearful can decide on a subltler expression of their individuality, with pieces and accessories like the Frog Prince Letter Opener. This perfect gift comes complete with silver blade and fairy-tale engraved nephrite, in the form of a relaxing frog, wearing a gingko leaf crown, 18-karat rose gold cushion, rubies for eyes and diamond adornment.

CADEAUX JEWELRY’s passion and traditional for refined jewellery and gems is set to continue long into the future, with developing lines and distinctive styles.

For more information on CADEAUX JEWELRY, visit the store in Peninsula Plaza, open from 10am to 7:30pm daily, or call 02 653 1909. Details are also available online at and

For more information please contact BAECHTOLD LTD. in Bangkok, Thailand • Mr. Tevin Baechtold • Tel. +66 2939 7030 • or, CADEAUX JEWELRY at Gaysorn Shopping Centre • 1/F, 999 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok, Thailand • Tel +662 656 1350

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