Peace Pipe Spirit

Peace Pipe Spirit

Origins, spiritualism and tribalism reach deep and echo the human need for belonging, identity and meaning. Questions that to explore are irresistible to CADEAUX JEWELRY, especially when extraordinary gemstones are worked into artful creations. As Tourmalines carved in the shape of a head of a native American or an eagle’s feathers. Peace Pipe Spirit.

Native American objects were often symbolic in nature and were used and decorated accordingly. Smoking was a sacred ritual. It was believed to merge the physical and spiritual worlds and garner supernatural powers. Feathers had symbolic meaning and often represented power and wealth.

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CADEAUX JEWELRY Peace Pipe Spirit explores spiritualism of native American tribes. The pendant head is made of a combination of 18 Karat white gold and rose gold, and features some unique gemstones:

  • Naturally bicolored Tourmaline (green and red) carved in the shape of the head of a native American: weight 31.5 carats
  • Naturally bicolored Tourmaline carved in the shape of an eagle’s feathers: weight 24.4 carats
  • Top quality clean Turquoise cut as a round cabochon: weight 16.0 carats
  • Brilliant-cut Diamonds: weight 83/0.46 carats

The pipe’s bowl features an animal – in this case a wolf – which depicts a guardian spirit. The animal is positioned to face the person smoking.

The development of this creation was done by Tevin R. B. in his quest to explore symbolisms and values through his medium of jewelry.

This unique piece of jewelry is on display at Cadeaux Jewelry at Gaysorn which is located 3 minutes from BTS Chidlom station in Bangkok.

For more information please contact Cadeaux Jewelry • GAYSORN Shopping Centre, 999 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand • Tel.: +662 656 1350 • Email:

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