Exclusive Ink Blotter Watusi

Exclusive Ink Blotter Watusi

The art of writing is celebrated with personal notes, on cheques and on contracts. Mostly absent though is a tool which is the cousin of the fountain pen and which used to feature on every writing desk: the rocking ink blotter.

Cadeaux Jewelry Ink Blotter Watusi

A one-of-a-kind creation, this hand-held rocking ink blotter has a curved base with a sheet of soft absorbent blotting paper attached to it. A handle allows the rocker to be held while the user rolls the blotting paper over the wet ink, absorbing any excess ink.

The creation of Cadeaux Jewelry’s unique Watusi rocking ink blotter began with the acquisition of a large Rutilized Quartz from a stone-cutter in Germany’s traditional cutting center Idar-Oberstein. The gem is a double-sided cone, 63 millimeters long with a central diameter of 25 millimeters. It weighs 223 carats. Natural rutile needles in the gem point to an extraordinarily mixed mineral content.

The idea to this design was born from the semblance of the double-sided quartz cone to the stylized horns of a great African Watusi bull. Watusis have the most imposing horns that can measure over 2 meters from point to point and are known for their large circumference. The Watusi head is made of Sterling silver. It serves as handle and is mounted on a plate of Russian Black Obsidian, 107 x 53 millimeters large, weighing 259 carats, cut and polished in Germany. The curved base is made of surgical stainless steel, manufactured in Germany. It has spring-like character and holds several sheets of blotting paper in place.

With this ink blotter, a parallel is drawn from the Watusi ox to the symbol of the Ox, which represents the second year in the twelve-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Surrounding the plate is a frame of Sterling silver engraved with what are said to be the characteristics of a person born in the Year of the Ox.

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