Budai Necklace

Budai Necklace

Tevin B launches his creative efforts with this necklace based on a piece of natural white jade that has been carved in the form of Budai.

The white gemstone weighs 70.59 carats and is mounted in an 18 Karat white gold pendant-head set with 164 diamonds, or totally 1.03 carats, and 4 sapphires. Below it is a blue Paraiba tourmaline cut as marquise-cabochon, weighing 17.98 carats. The connector on the pendant-head is a gold loop made following the design of Cadeaux Jewelry’s Hamburg ring with diamonds set in front and on one side. A necklace with green jade beads threads through the loop and fulfills this unique pendant-head in subtle color combination and in style. The origin of the gemstone carving is China.

Cadeaux Necklace Budai White Jade - 1

Budai (or Hotei in Japanese) is a Chinese deity. He is usually identified with Maitreya. He is mostly shown laughing, hence is also referred to as Laughing Buddha. However, Budai is not to be confused with Gautama Buddha. Budai permeates Chinese culture as portrayal of contentment. In Chinese legend Budai was a monk around 900 CE and was a man of loving character.

This unique piece of jewelry is on display at Cadeaux Jewelry at Gaysorn which is located 3 minutes from BTS Chidlom station in Bangkok.

For more information please contact Cadeaux Jewelry • GAYSORN Shopping Centre, 999 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand • Tel.: +662 656 1350 • Email: shop@cadeauxjewelry.com

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