CADEAUX JEWELRY Mother and Child

CADEAUX JEWELRY Mother and Child

CADEAUX JEWELRY acquired superb sets of colored Tourmalines and other gems which to the designer is reminiscent of the color-range used by Renaissance painter Raphael, known for his work with prime colors. His paintings Madonna della Sedia shows a mother holding her child. Their interlocking arms inspired the shape of the links in the necklace, which fold into each other like the arms of mother and child.

Raphael Madonna della Sedia - 1The gems combine separate lots and include antique cabochons of 12 mm diameter, totally 70.45 carats, 2 colorful Paraiba Tourmalines of 9.22 carats, and round cabochon Tourmalines and quartz gemstones used in the bracelet. Some particular stones are Indigolites, or blue-green Tourmalines. The color stones are circled with champagne-colored Diamonds and mounted in 18 Karat rose gold. Only the unique tropical-ocean-green Paraiba Tourmaline is set in 18 Karat white gold and circled with brilliant-cut white Diamonds.

CADEAUX JEWELRY Mother and Child - 1

The set includes (in the image left to right):

  • African red/brown-colored Tourmaline, 10 cts
  • African blue-colored Tanzanite from Tanzania, 9 cts
  • Brazilian dark-colored Citrine, 9 cts
  • Ocean-colored Paraiba Tourmaline from Mozambique, 9.22 cts
  • Brazilian purple-colored Amethyst, 10 cts
  • Brazilian light-colored Citrine, 10 cts
  • African orange-colored Mandarine Garnet, 9 cts
  • African light-green-colored Tourmaline, 9 cts

The ring features:

  • African blue-green-colored Tourmaline or Indigolite, 12.96 cts

CADEAUX JEWELRY Ring Mother and ChildThe blueish-green Tourmaline is an African Indigolite of 12.96 carats, 13 mm antique cabochon, set in the CADEAUX JEWELRY Ring Mother and Child. The ring is of 18 Karat rose gold and echoes the form of the necklace’s links. This is the first piece of CADEAUX JEWELRY designed and developed by Tevin R. B., who recently completed his gold-smith training in Germany. Tevin worked also on the miniaturized cut-outs on the back of the necklace as well as on the inner ring band and bracelet, which allow light to pass through to give the spectacular color-stones extra lustre. The minute patterns replay the shapes of the links as well as CADEAUX JEWELRY’S symbolic Ginkgo leaf, giving the creation added identity.

Cadeaux Bracelet Mother and Child - 1

To complete this set, CADEAUX JEWELRY added a bracelet Mother and Child, which similarly features round cabochon Tourmalines and Quartz gems.

The necklace, ring and bracelet Mother and Child are indicative of the development and of the quality, detail and craftsmanship that is being applied to CADEAUX JEWELRY.

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