Over 10 Carats and 510 Brilliants Each

Over 10 Carats and 510 Brilliants Each

The immense work to set 510 brilliant-cut diamonds, over 10.8 carats, on each Cadeaux Jewelry Bangle Schwanensee takes a skilled setter a full week of concentrated work. In 18 Karat yellow gold, white gold, rose gold.

Cadeaux Jewelry Bangle Schwanensee 3 items

Diamonds completely encrust three versions of the same Cadeaux Jewelry bangle Schwanensee, one in 18 Karat yellow gold, one in white gold and one in rose gold. These bangles illustrate the incredible result of Cadeaux Jewelry’s work, from conception of design and selection of gems to accuracy of setting and finishing.

The selection of the diamonds – 510 pieces for each bangle – is carried out by most astute examiners who check each and every one of the gems for quality, cut, color and clarity. The gems are then given to the setter who must ascertain that every stone is set into its predetermined position and aligned so precisely that the finished bangle looks perfect. The setting alone requires one full week of highly concentrated work.

On completion of the setting work, the bangles return to the goldsmith who polishes the large gold surfaces to perfection and ensures the smooth functioning of hinges and locks, so that the bangles can be worn with confidence and pride. The white gold version is further completed by being Rhodium plated in a galvanic bath to add shine and luster to the white gold.

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