CORUM #BubbleRoom Bangkok

CORUM #BubbleRoom Bangkok

Stars, celebrities, VIPS and personalities grace the launch of CORUM Bubble watch at Central Chidlom Department Store Bangkok, as CORUM COO Davide Traxler arrives in Thailand for the event. The new Bubbles are creating a wave of spectacle and interest around Asia and in Bangkok.

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It has taken all night to set up the #BubbleRoom at Central Chidlom Department Store Bangkok to showcase the new Bubble watches by Swiss watch company CORUM, La Chaux-de-Fonds. Dust and dents are gone, showcases lined up, and spotlights on the new Bubbles as on 13th July 2016 Central Chidlom Department Store opens its doors to its stream of customers.

Kong Piya, TV Star, and Jaew Waew, Movie Director, are Bubble

Jaew Waew, Movie Director, and Kong Piya, TV Star

Kong Piya Sawetpikul, actor, TV star and producer, and his Sonic Youth Co. is the event organiser. With him arrives Jaew Waew Lopanpaibul, TV Movie Director. Both are Bubble fans and are wearing their favourite Bubbles they have selected at Cadeaux Jewelry, Gaysorn Shopping Centre, Bangkok. Kong Piya has Bubble Death Star from the Solar System series, Jaew Waew the chocolate coloured Bubble Pop Art.

Cadeaux's Corum Bubble event at Central Chitlom on the 13th July 2016.

Nare Nanthawan Caengdhamkitikul posts to #areyoububble

The opening at Central Chidlom is timed for 18 hrs, but because of a heavy downpour some guests are arriving late. The early birds have more time to view the Bubbles and post their pictures to Instagram #areyoububble, or enjoy the drinks and food being served by the team from Lemon Five restaurant of Nanthawan “Nare” Caengdhamkitikul.

MC Diana "Dai" Chongintana introduces CORUM COO Davide Traxler

MC Diana “Dai” Chongintana welcomes CORUM”S Davide Traxler

The MC of the evening, Diana “Dai” Chongintana, actress and presenter, introduces Davide Traxler, COO of Montres Corum, Switzerland, who has just arrived from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia where he has attended spectacular Bubble launch events. In his welcome address, Davide thanks all guests and celebrities for their interest in an exciting new chapter at CORUM.

Cadeaux's Corum Bubble event at Central Chitlom on the 13th July 2016.

Sirikate Chirakiti opens the #BubbleRoom alongside stars and organisers

Central Retailing Group’s Co-President Sirikate Chirakiti presides the ceremony with Davide Traxler. Alongside are Pakorn “Tar” Asvanarunat, Movie Star, Pimlert “Book” Baiyoke, Business Personality, two presenters, and Philip A. Baechtold, Dr. Soipetch Resanond and Tevin R. Baechtold, of Baechtold Limited, CORUM’S distributor in Thailand since 1988.

Guests also include Rinrata “Bell” Intamara, TV MC “You Channel and Thaniya Beauty Clinicand and Krit “Kong” Chirakiatewattana, Hair Stylist, Hive Salon. They enjoy the show with beautiful Bubble presenters in a fun atmosphere in and around the #BubbleRoom.

The news of CORUM’S exciting Bubbles has been on social media via Cadeaux Jewelry’s social reach on Facebook, and Twitter and Instagram #areyoububble. Many want to be photographed with the novelties: over 40 editions in 47 and 42 mm cases. Bubble is spreading a good mood and celebrities, guests and organisers all happy to witness a fresh breeze in the watch market.

The CORUM #BubbleRoom continues at Central Chidlom Department Store in the heart of Bangkok from 13th – 19th July 2016. Fore information on the #BubbleRoom or on any of Corum’s new watches, please email or call Cadeaux Jewelry at +66 2 656 1350, or via email (in the sidebar).

“Within this half year CORUM has returned to profitability and sales have increased by 141%,” Davide Traxler, CORUM COO, tells Switzerland’s 24heures newspaper. “We expect to make an ex factory turnover of 45 million Swiss Francs this year. Sales in Malaysia and Hong Kong have risen 93%. Our retailers love CORUM and have just been waiting for the revival,” says Davide, and adds: “Our brand has 70 employees in Switzerland and 100 worldwide, and we enjoy the support of Jean-René Bannwart, son of CORUM’S founder, who is in a unique position to relate the history of our brand that started in 1955.”

Photos: Luke Duggleby, Bangkok

For more information please contact BAECHTOLD LTD. in Bangkok, Thailand • Mr. Tevin Baechtold • Tel. +66 2939 7030 • or, CADEAUX JEWELRY at Gaysorn Shopping Centre • 1/F, 999 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok, Thailand • Tel +662 656 1350

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