CORUM – Story of Creation

CORUM – Story of Creation

CORUM’S hot Swiss watch novelties from Baselworld 2016 meet with big interest in Bangkok. The new arrivals of the legendary models Golden Bridge, Admiral’s Cup and Bubble are presented along with the brand’s wonderful history of innovation, by the President of Musée International d’Horlogerie (La Chaux-de-Fonds), son of CORUM’s founder and designer of CORUM’S Admiral’s Cup in his own right, Jean-René Bannwart.

Guests arrive early on the evening of July 6th 2016 at CADEAUX JEWELRY Gaysorn Shopping Centre in Bangkok, as CADEAUX JEWELRY’S team is only just about to finish setting set up the displays.

Many aficionados want to be the first to put their eyes on CORUM’s 2016 creations, and the many limited editions on their wrists. There is a spectacular choice: a new Admiral’s Cup with large nautical flags, a sensational Golden Bridge Round inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, and the newly relaunched Bubble in hot colourful versions.

Jean-René Bannwart, the son of CORUM’S founder René Bannwart and designer of the Admiral’s Cup, is about to conclude his late afternoon interview when the commotion in the shop starts.

Jean-René is a living history book of CORUM’S 61 years of innovation. For Cadeaux Jewelry’s guests and watch lovers, Jean-René not only carries new timepieces, but also the wonderful Story of Creation, the untold details of how his father set out in 1955 to differentiate his nascent brand from an established competition using artistic creativity, technical innovation and strong personal bonds. His aim: to penetrate a traditional industry that was and to a degree still is a proud cabal making entry for newcomers rare and unwonted.

Golden Bridge, Admiral’s Cup, Romulus, Coin watch, Meteorite – all today legendary names in the watch world. Jean-René relates how these actors forged their roles and became milestones in the history and fame of CORUM. Starting from the touching story when during the Great Depression in the 1930s his father had no other option than to work as a bicycle messenger – incidentally for Geneva’s most renowned watch company – and how he invested his skills and personality in opportunities, until in 1955 he decided to apply his talents not only to a career but to the success of his own watch brand. Naming his new creations was as important to René Bannwart as designing them, as he ventured into uncharted waters drilling holes into gold coins, moulding watch cases to the wrist and introducing new materials like the sapphire crystal to his creations to make them more flat. He even formed what is probably the very first cross-branding of a watch with an automobile brand; and then not just any: the Rolls Royce!

To the many guests, aficionados, collectors and watch lovers, Jean-René’s stories prove as intriguing as the thrilling new models that have arrived just in time for the presentation at CADEAUX JEWELRY in Bangkok. The unmistakable and enlarged nautical penants on the new Admiral’s Cup, the new round Golden Bridge with structures inspired by San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and ultimately the hot new champion in the CORUM stable, the Bubble.

With such a wonderful array of designs, ideas and legendary icons, few customers can resist temptation, and as so often with CORUM, one watch alone is not sufficient to carry the wonders of creation back home or to complete a collection. Two, three, up to nine watches are purchased by single collectors. An impressive tribute to a man who devoted his life to his dream before passing away at the ripe age of 96 in 2010. René Bannwart.

Full circle also for a name in the watch industry that has its origin in the Latin word quorum, meaning the minimum number of people to be present to make a decision. No doubt, CORUM’S quorum are its customers, for their investments in CORUM timepieces are a clear show of hands in favour of a wonderful brand that has carved its niche as a daring outsider in a traditional industry and continues to dazzle with unimaginably daring creations that excite and are the must-have of the hour, as much for the established collector as for the psychedelically swayed crowds of Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki.

CORUM watches continue to be highlighted at CADEAUX JEWELRY, where they have an outstanding presence among peers at Gaysorn Shopping Centre in the heart of Bangkok. Fore information, please call Cadeaux Jewelry +6626561350 or email (address in the side-bar).

Photos: Luke Duggleby, Bangkok

For more information please contact BAECHTOLD LTD. in Bangkok, Thailand • Mr. Tevin Baechtold • Tel. +66 2939 7030 • or, CADEAUX JEWELRY at Gaysorn Shopping Centre • 1/F, 999 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok, Thailand • Tel +662 656 1350

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