The Idea behind CADEAUX JEWELRY’S Key Visual

Jewelry casts the personality of its wearer. It communicates identity, values and rank. It does this against changing environments and backgrounds, and over long periods of time. Sometimes over millennia, as art and ancient cultures reveal. Yet jewelry begins as something intensely private, as a personal reflection about self and style. Precious gold and gems merge to transport emotions and evolve into an unmistakable jewelry identity that brings out das Ich, the individual, the ego, literally the I.

The key visual in CADEAUX JEWELRY’S campaign is the poster. For like the individual the poster makes a statement, communicates, catches eyes, turns heads, is noticed and remembered.

The poster represents the individual. CADEAUX JEWELRY in fact shies away from associating its jewelry with the face of a model. The face ultimately is that of the person who chooses to wear CADEAUX JEWELRY. She or he is the stage and attracts by appearance. And like the person, the poster validates its strong statement irrespective of environment and emotion.

In 2013, CADEAUX JEWELRY added the advertisement Walk of Fame. It shows the poster (with ring Berlin in 18 Karat gold) placed on the pavement of Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. This ad continues CADEAUX JEWELRY’s poster ad series launched in 2001. The message is all too clear. Placing the poster that carries the product in a famous location suggests that people who wear CADEAUX JEWELRY are stars in their own right.

Walk of Fame, like it’s predecessor ads avoids connecting CADEAUX JEWELRY with the face of a model. The person who wears CADEAUX JEWELRY is cleverly replaced by a poster that similarly carries the jewelry and emits a statement of identity, style and individuality.

k:drei agentur für kommunikation advertising agency in Düsseldorf, Germany developed and realized the visuals for CADEAUX JEWELRY, starting with the Blue Brick Wall “Intensely Private” in 2001. The Museum “It’s about Impression” followed in 2004, the Man on the Wall and the Forest “Very Attracting” in 2007, and the Tank “Make Love” in 2009. “Walk of Fame” was added in 2013.