CADEAUX JEWELRY Ring “Oh Vienna!” at Central International Watch Fair

CADEAUX JEWELRY Ring “Oh Vienna!” at Central International Watch Fair

Cadeaux Jewelry welcomes the autumn season with its latest collection and a stylish booth at this year’s Central International Watch Fair. 

It’s yet again the time of the year when the breeze of cool air begins to sweep in and the leaves turn into beautiful colors. Inspired by the spectacular parade of autumn colors and patterns reminiscent of Vienna’s artistry, Cadeaux Jewelry presents its latest collection “Oh Vienna!” The new Cadeaux Jewelry Ring “Oh Vienna!” celebrates the season with colors purple, amber, blue and green. This collection is specific with autumn’s color-matching gemstones amethyst, citrine, topaz and green quartz. The 8-carat gemstones are cut to a large 14-mm diameter with congruent rhombic facets. This combination of circular and rhombic patterns creates an exacting parallel and symmetrical diagram evocative of Vienna’s school of finest craftsmanship, hence the name of this colorful collection “Oh Vienna!”

Surrounding the gemstones is a nest of 42 diamonds of about 0.28 carats. Two perfectly parallel ring bands in 18-Karat pink gold or white gold lead the eyes to the sparkler and give a balance to the enormous ring-top. Get a first-hand look at this very elegant ring along with Cadeaux Jewelry’s extraordinary collection of fashionable jewelry, classics and one-of-a-kind creations at Central International Watch Fair, Salon Mondial de Haute Horlogerie 2012. As in recent years, the booths are located at Central Chidlom’s Event Hall, 3rd floor, near the escalators. Central International Watch Fair 2012 is a continuing celebration of Central Department Store’s 65th anniversary. The ongoing event, which will run until October 2, features a stunning 5 billion baht selection of over 180 of the world’s most respected brands including Cadeaux Jewelry’s partner-brand Corum and many more.

As an exclusive offer for Central Chidlom, the new Cadeaux Jewelry Ring “Oh Vienna!” with a regular price of 170,000 baht is available at a special net price of 90,000 baht. For inquiries, please visit Cadeaux Jewelry booth at Central International Watch Fair 2012 or contact Cadeaux Jewelry Shop, The Peninsula Plaza, at Tel 02 652 1909, or Baechtold Ltd. at Tel 02 939 7030.

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