Jewelry Business Investment

CADEAUX JEWELRY’s core competence lies in providing a fully integrated jewelry business concept that is based on lineage, authenticity, competence and a commitment to originality and quality. It offers retailers and investors both an entry into and a sustainable business in high-end jewelry retailing.

CADEAUX JEWELRY’S business concept is turn-key, ready to be implemented instantly. It is fully integrated, from design and manufacturing to merchandising, communication and retailing. The jewelry industry’s highest quality standards, an adherence to 18 Karat gold (Au750) and CADEAUX JEWELRY’S original signature design concept determine an autonomous product profile and a brand positioning that competes with the world’s best

Founded in 1975 by arguably Germany’s most avant-garde jewelry designer, CADEAUX JEWELRY’S signature line not only has its roots in modern German design philosophy, it can lay claim to having significantly induced the post-war development of German jewelry design.

Since CADEAUX GINKGO Switzerland acquired CADEAUX JEWELRY at the turn of the millennium, the company has invested in the conceptualisation of the brand for retail stores, shop-in-shops, high-end department stores and shopping centres.

Retailers and investors expanding their business in self-contained, independent jewelry retail units, or with a flexible modular POS retail concept for shops, department stores or shopping centers, find a unique business opportunity in CADEAUX JEWELRY.

CADEAUX GINKGO AG offers licensing or distribution agreements internationally.

For more information please contact CADEAUX GINKGO AG in Switzerland (see side-bar).