In Memoriam: Bruno Moser, Sculptor of Gems (1928-2012)

Paladin | Pendant Moser PyroBruno was an extraordinary artist who worked with gemstones. He carved opals into most fantastic forms, as well as Tourmalines, Ametrines, Moonstones and others. Some of his gems-sculptures found their way into CADEAUX JEWELRY creations, like the CADEAUX JEWELRY pendant Moser Pyrocumulus (r.).

Wilfried Bruno Moser was a professional goldsmith from Basel Switzerland. Switzerland was too small and too organised, he felt, and as a young man he migrated to Australia in the 1950s, traveling by boat. He spent years in the workshops of a Sydney jeweller, then entered the raw sapphire trade, before he became a miner in the Andamooka opal fields.

IMG_1003 copyAndamooka is 600 km north of Adelaide and in the 1920s was the only place opals had been discovered. Bruno spent years living underground in an old mines. When he needed another room, he dug one. Perhaps it was lonely lonely years in the Outback that mellowed his character and made him an esoteric person.

Cadeaux Jewelry 012 copyWhen Bruno began carving opals and other gems in the early 70s, he decided to let the power of transcendence determine his art. Without fixing his mind on any form he let a stone find its shape while he was in meditation with only his hands feeling the gem. “My unique creations aren’t my idea; they are inherent in the gems. I hold the gem to the grindstone and cut away the extra material,” he said. “My art is knowing when to stop, because if I don’t stop there’ll be nothing left.” His creations brought out the best part of the material and are were – and still remain – impossible to copy.

Bruno made hundreds of unique mini-sculptures out of unusual gems every year, then he’d pack them into his Duffy bag, get on a plane and polish doorhandles around the world, selling his creations to jewellers and collectors all over the globe.

Ring_033 copyIn the 1990s Bruno Moser and CADEAUX JEWELRY staged several exhibitions in Thailand. At these events many of Bruno’s gemstone creations found new owners and collectors. He never lowered a price, rather he’d tell a buyer that “if you bargain you cheapen your taste.”

CADEAUX JEWELRY crafted many Bruno Moser stones into unusual jewelry pieces, and a few of Bruno’s unset gems are still waiting to be made into extraordinary jewelry.

The newsletter (l.) published by Baechtold Ltd. in 1994 in Thai language, introduces Bruno Moser and his gemstones on the occasion of one of his exhibitions in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bruno passed away in August 2012. He is missed, most dearly by his family, but also by his many friends, partners and customers. He will continue to speak to us through his art.

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